To provide a complete service,

APA has worked with:


A+J Global Designs


Marrill Ltd


Wilson Tool


Tecosim UK


Drew Simmons Patterns



























  • Project Management.
  • 3D Tool Design
  • Simulation Analysis - AutoForm
  • Process Modelling (utilising SMIRT software).
  • Stamping & Manufacturing Feasibility Studies.
  • Association with small/medium - tool manufacturers
  • Design & Tool Construction Liaison.
  • Buy-off support.
  • Association with Pattern manufacturer
  • Plotting Services.
  • General tool room technical and commercial support.
  • Global sourcing for Design and Tool manufacture.
  • Provider of Tool Making and Engineering support.
  • In-plant vehicle launch support.



  • Large outer skin and inner panels including Roofs (with/without sunroof & trough), Hood Tops, Tailgates, doors, Deck lids, 'A' & 'B' Pillars, Quarter panels, Dash panels, Firewalls and Bodysides (steel or aluminium parts).
  • Various (small & large) reinforcement components.
  • Tri-axis and Transfer lines, including Aerial Cams, Retracting & Drop down sections and Pierce nuts.
  • Multi-stage progression dies.
  • Binder and Trim-line development.
  • Jigs, Fixtures and Multi-welders.
  • Integrating 3D Process within 3D Design, utilising SMIRT software.